• A service android prompts a woman to redefine her concept of humanity.

    A service android prompts a woman to redefine her concept of humanity.
  • Still from PIA

    Still from PIA

The Film

San Francisco, 2063. A service android brand-named PIA has replaced the majority of third tier labor in the United States. Hospital nurses, hotel workers and other maintenance driven industries all use the sleek, black-clad, human-organ powered machine to supplement their human workforce.

Syama and Rakesh Raval appear on the path to a bright future together. But before they can realize their dreams, Rakesh is struck down by a sudden heart failure. Overcome with grief, Syama agrees to donate Rakesh’s organs to future technology research.

Two years later, a load of unregistered PIA robots bound for the black market are discovered in the cargo hold of an abandoned truck by the San Francisco police department. The PIAs are left in the evidence room overnight, where one of the units flickers on. Distorted images appear and skitter across the robot’s memory screen. The android wanders out of the building and through the San Francisco night with a purpose, eventually ending up inside Syama’s apartment.

Startled by the intrusion, Syama grabs a weapon and intercepts the malfunctioning service android. In a tense standoff, Syama corners the PIA and interrogates it. Speaking with a fragmented memory and a fractured voice, the PIA android reveals the secret of her mysterious and sudden appearance.

PIA is a futuristic love story that challenges the viewer to reconsider the meaning of humanity, relationships, and family.

The Filmmaker

  1. Tanuj ChopraDirector