1. Nitza Gonen, Producer/Director

    Producer Nitza Gonen has directed and produced numerous award-winning films that address social issues unique to Israeli society. Her most recent documentaries include The Bunker, about an Israeli artist who focuses on Hitler in his art work; Daddy Come to the Fair, documenting a Holocaust survivor’s journey to Poland with his son; and My Four Children, about a woman raising four abandoned children with Down’s syndrome. Gonen’s series Dimonians, about people living in the Negev desert, was nominated in 2003 for an Israeli Film and Television Academy Award.

  2. Dalit Kimor, Director

    Director Dalit Kimor has made several documentaries for Israeli public and commercial television. Her works include Just Love and a Hug, a film about autistic twins; Baby on Order, about the ethical dilemmas of genetic testing; and The Year of My Death, about individuals with terminal illnesses. Her film Border Land, about a disabled Palestinian girl struggling to receive sufficient treatment despite crossborder tensions, won first prize in Investigative Reporting at the 2000 Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival.