1. Lisa Blackstone, Producer

    Lisa Blackstone was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. After graduating from Goucher College on the East Coast, she heard the siren song of the Midwest calling her home. Rather than return to the City of Big Shoulders, she migrated slightly northward to Minneapolis, the City of Lakes. It was there that she found inspiration and support for pursuing her love of telling people’s stories. Since 1989, Blackstone has been practicing her storytelling in television. Her work as a director, producer, and editor has been seen on the PBS Emmy Award-winning series Zoom and Newton’s Apple. She has directed and produced projects for The Travel Channel, MSNBC, and Animal Planet. In 2003, she received the Unity Award in Media for her work on the lifestyle economics series Right On The Money!, which is broadcast on PBS stations around the country. She is also the recipient of the Science Journalism Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the Silver Award for Children’s Programming from the National Education Association. Polka Time is her first independent documentary.