1. Justine Shapiro, Producer

    Justine Shapiro was born in South Africa and grew up in Berkeley, California. After graduating Magna Cum Laude in History and Theatre from Tufts University, Justine spent 10 years as a travel show host for the PBS series GlobeTrekker which took her to more than 40 countries. In 1996, Justine co-founded the non-profit production company Promises Films with B.Z. Goldberg. Justine speaks Spanish, French, and English.

  2. B.Z. Goldberg, Producer

    B.Z. Goldberg was born in Boston and grew up just outside of Jerusalem. After studying filmmaking at New York University Film School, he worked as a sound recordist and producer covering the Palestinian Intifada for Reuters TV, the BBC, NBC, CNN, and NHK (Japanese TV). B.Z. left his TV job to study alternative approaches to conflict and conflict resolution. He spent seven years as a management consultant for a variety of companies (including Fortune 500, multi-nationals, social organizations, and universities). In 1995 B.Z. and Justine Shapiro founded Promises Films to produced the award winning documentary Promises, which was released in 2001. From 2004 to 2009 B.Z. directed and produced a series of 170 short films (all filmed around the world on the same line of longitude) for the Klimahaus, the world’s first museum on climate change, located in northern Germany. He lives and works in Jerusalem.

  3. Carlos Bolado, Producer