1. Gonzalo Arijon, Director

    A childhood friend of many of the young men who survived the crash of flight 571, Gonzalo Arijón was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1956. A student of film and anthropology, Arijón moved to France in 1979, where he now lives. During the past two decades, the award-winning filmmaker has made numerous documentaries including Lulu’s Brazil: Managing a Dream; Far, Very Far From Rome…; The “Dark Side” of Milosevic; Carl Lewis/Mike Powell 43’ and 52’; Goodbye “Coquelicots”; Rio de Janeiro: a vertical War, and For These Eyes.

  2. Marc Silvera, Producer

    After a varied career in the audiovisual sector, Marc Silvera founded Ethan Productions in July 2000. The company has produced several documentaries including the series Sporting Duels for Arte/TV5; Tony Blair, directed by Deborah Ford; and Maracana, directed by Amar Ahrab for Ethan Productions/France 5.