• Still from Tales of Masked Men

    Still from Tales of Masked Men

The Film

Tales of Masked Men explores the world of lucha libre — Mexican wrestling — and the tradition of the masked wrestler, or luchador. Shot in Mexico and the United States, the film delves into the history of lucha libre and the factors that have helped this 80-year-old phenomenon endure.

This working class sport is practiced in arenas large and small throughout Mexico and in the United States as well as other countries. Although it comes from the same common root as American professional wrestling (i.e. Olympic and Greco-Roman style competitive wrestling), lucha libre has taken on the unique characteristics of Mexico and the country’s long-standing fascination with masks. Featuring interviews with academics, wrestlers and observers of lucha libre as well as archival footage and clips from the “masked wrestler” adventure films, the film illustrates the extent to which lucha libre has taken root in Mexican and Latino culture and has become a part of its very identity.

Tales of Masked Men introduces the audience to three wrestlers: El Santo, Mascarita Sagrada and Solar, each of whom embodies various aspects of the sport and its traditions.

The Filmmaker

  1. Carlos AvilaProducer/Director