1. Leslie Wiener-Legrand, Producer/Director

    Born in New York City in 1951, Leslie Wiener completed a master’s degree in communications and documentary filmmaking before moving to France in 1983. She has since produced and directed a number of international documentaries in both countries. Her films focus on two major fields of interest, mental health and Vietnam. Major works on schizophrenia and depression have won numerous awards at festivals around the world.

    She has made five documentary films in Vietnam ranging from the Lonely Planet Travel Film (Globetrekkers on PBS) to Children of Peace, a series of films on the rapid economic development seen through the eyes of 10 children in different regions throughout Vietnam.

    She made a feature length documentary for French Television entitled A Case Against Agent Orange. The film tells the story of the on-going lawsuit in American courts brought by the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange against the all-powerful chemical companies such as Monsanto and Dow Chemical. The victims accuse the companies of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  2. Nick Hector, Producer