Still from <i>Welcome To The Club - The Women Of Rockabilly</i>


  • The world may not have been ready for the likes of rockabilly queens Wanda Jackson, Brenda Lee, Janis Martin, and Lorrie Collins back in the '50s, but their inspirational stories - both individually and collectively - will surely strike a chord with female artists today. Sassy and tough, the women profiled in the film were ahead of their time as players in rock's earliest days, and all are still making music today.

    ROCKRGRL magazine
  • Former Boston singer and filmmaker Beth Harrington... travels the lost highway of American music history and comes back with a gem: the story of the fire-breathing, foot-stomping, fringe-shaking, rule-breaking, trailblazing women of 1950s rockabilly.

    The Improper Bostonian