• Still from When I Walk

    Still from When I Walk

The Film

When I Walk is a documentary about how Jason DaSilva’s world has changed since 2005, when he was a young filmmaker of 26 and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis — an autoimmune disorder that causes the body to attack nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

Over several years, his eyesight and his motor function have gradually deteriorated, making it almost impossible for him to walk unaided. His decline caused DaSilva to question his identity as a filmmaker, and he asked himself: “What kind of filmmaker can’t see or walk?”

DaSilva discovered that the broad discussion around MS, which has no cure and limited treatments, could be grim and uninspiring. So he took his filmmaking skills and decided to flip the script. When I Walk approaches the struggles of living with MS and the medical community’s efforts to find better treatments and ultimately a cure with heart, humor, and courage.

The Filmmaker

  1. Jason DaSilvaProducer/Director