1. Brad Lichtenstein, Director

    Brad Lichtenstein is president of 371 Productions, a Milwaukee-based independent production company that makes documentaries, commercial work, technology projects and community engagement campaigns. He has produced for FRONTLINE and Bill Moyers. With New York-based Lumiere Productions, he produced With God on Our Side: The History of the Religious Right; André's Lives, a portrait of the "Jewish Schindler"; The Discovery Channel's Safe, about domestic violence; PBS's Caught in the Crossfire, about three Arab New Yorkers after 9/11; the PBS series Local News, and the BBC/Court TV co-production of Ghosts of Attica, for which he was awarded a duPont. He made the ITVS film Almost Home, a PBS Independent Lens documentary about people who live and work in a elder-care community. He has executive produced several projects, including A King in Milwaukee, about an artist who makes music from his interviews with old people. His current projects include What We Got: DJ Spooky's Journey Through the Commons, a documentary/fiction/transmedia enterprise about the over-privatization of what belongs to all of us. Brad has taught documentary film production at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he also founded docUWM, a documentary center that provides students an opportunity to learn by making professional films. He has two kids and a very accomplished wife living in the house with him.

  2. Cal Skaggs, Producer

    Calvin Skaggs is president of the company he founded, Lumiere Productions. With more than two dozen films and television productions to his credit, Skaggs has spent 25 years creating both dramatic and documentary films. He made his producing debut on public television in 1975 with the award-winning series The American Short Story, then went on to create productions for American Playhouse, including the feature Go Tell It on the Mountain, and for other PBS series such as American Masters and WonderWorks. Skaggs executive produced and directed the documentary series With God On Our Side: The Rise Of The Religious Right In America, 1950-1994 as well as the verité series Local News. Skaggs’s work has also included The Circus (HBO), Vanished: Inside the Witness Protection Program and Diamonds! for Discovery. Among his acclaimed theatrical features are Horton Foote’s On Valentine’s Day, Fly By Night (Best Dramatic Film at the 1993 Sundance Film Festival), and The Wash.

  3. David Van Taylor, Producer

    David Van Taylor is vice president of Lumiere Productions, where he completed Local News (PBS). He began in the company as series producer of With God On Our Side: The Rise Of The Religious Right In America, 1950-1994 (ITVS). Van Taylor's feature documentary A Perfect Candidate was nominated for an Emmy. Since 1986, Van Taylor has written, directed, and edited for PBS, HBO (She's Having a Baby Brother), Discovery (Hollywood Talent Agents), MTV (I Want To Be A Millionaire), and TV Nation with Michael Moore. His first film, Dream Deceivers: The Story Behind James Vance vs. Judas Priest, won an International Documentary Association Distinguished Achievement Award.