Kumagai-san and two yakuzas walk in the evening in the Tokyo’s streets.


  • I have to admit that YOUNG YAKUZA had me fooled. Due to my inability to read Japanese interstitial titles, I assumed I was watching a modern-day verite-style drama of life in the Japanese underworld. It wasn't until midway through that I suddenly realized I was actually watching a documentary and that all these hoodlums were for real!
  • YOUNG YAKUZA, in this unusual documentary Jean-Pierre Limosin spends 18 months with a clan of the yakuza, the Japanese mafia, under the provision that he not film any illegal activities. That restriction isn't as deadening as it sounds; the film ends up being an interesting portrait of the way of life that is struggling to stay relevant.

    New York Times
  • The film is best seen for its rare inside look at the day-in, day-out workings of the Japanese mob.

    The New York Post