Frozen Angels

by Eric Black and Frauke Sandig

Using dreamlike cinematography and personal stories, Frozen Angels presents the future of human reproduction, available now in Los Angeles.

Independent Lens

Ghost Story

by Veronika Soul

A tenement apartment becomes home to past and present generations of a Chinese immigrant family in this brief meditation on time, memory, and change.

Heroine of Hell

by Nietzchka Keene

A painter obsessed with visions of hell and damnation forms a strange alliance with a recent widow.

In the Realms of the Unreal

by Jessica Yu

This experimental documentary portrays the work of Henry Darger, a janitor by day and “outsider artist” by night who transcended social isolation and poverty by creating his own world through art.


Jump Fence

by Alfred Hernandez

In this experimental narrative, a man attempts to recover his lost self in a suburban backyard that becomes a surreal metaphor for his alienation.

Letter from Waco

by Don Howard and Terri Clemens

A humorous portrait of “the West’s most southern city,” a place governed by four principles: race, religion, death, and football.

Locust Point

by John Bright Mann

Get a glimpse of the American immigrant experience circa 1900 in the nation’s second-largest immigration point after Ellis Island.

Making Tutti!

by Davia Nelson, and Karen McCabe

A chronicle of the creation and performance of the children's musical fairy tale "Full Moon Over Tutti" with Father Quido Sarducci.

Margaret Sanger: A Public Nuisance

by Barbara Abrash, and Esther Katz

A look at the early public debate surrounding birth control and the unstoppable Margaret Sanger.

Memory of Fire

by Edin Velez, and Sarah Vogel

A theatrical meditation on the "discovery" of the new world by Christopher Columbus.


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