Ghost Story

by Veronika Soul

A tenement apartment becomes home to past and present generations of a Chinese immigrant family in this brief meditation on time, memory, and change.

Heroine of Hell

by Nietzchka Keene

A painter obsessed with visions of hell and damnation forms a strange alliance with a recent widow.

In the Realms of the Unreal

by Jessica Yu

This experimental documentary portrays the work of Henry Darger, a janitor by day and “outsider artist” by night who transcended social isolation and poverty by creating his own world through art.


Jump Fence

by Alfred Hernandez

In this experimental narrative, a man attempts to recover his lost self in a suburban backyard that becomes a surreal metaphor for his alienation.

Letter from Waco

by Don Howard and Terri Clemens

A humorous portrait of “the West’s most southern city,” a place governed by four principles: race, religion, death, and football.

Locust Point

by John Bright Mann

Get a glimpse of the American immigrant experience circa 1900 in the nation’s second-largest immigration point after Ellis Island.

Making Tutti!

by Davia Nelson, and Karen McCabe

A chronicle of the creation and performance of the children's musical fairy tale "Full Moon Over Tutti" with Father Quido Sarducci.

Margaret Sanger: A Public Nuisance

by Barbara Abrash, and Esther Katz

A look at the early public debate surrounding birth control and the unstoppable Margaret Sanger.

Memory of Fire

by Edin Velez, and Sarah Vogel

A theatrical meditation on the "discovery" of the new world by Christopher Columbus.

Moscow: X

by Ken Kobland

An impressionistic portrait of Moscow at the end of the Cold War, on the verge of a new beginning.


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