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First Surface

by Theodore Lyman

What if, at 12 years old, you could remember being an old man?

Making Tutti!

by Davia Nelson, and Karen McCabe

A chronicle of the creation and performance of the children's musical fairy tale "Full Moon Over Tutti" with Father Quido Sarducci.

Right Here, Right Now

by Ellen Schneider

A series of first-person video diaries.

Short Stack 2006 with "My Life ... Disoriented"

by Eric Byler, Claire Yorita Lee, Di Quon, Liza Suh, Jasmin Gordon, Mai Heiselmann, and Mike Blum

Four films — including the two grand prize-winners of the first Independent Lens Online Shorts Festival — explore questions of love, displacement, belonging, and identity. Short Stack 2006 looks at the rise and fall of a boy's first zit, uprooted sisters taking on a new school, revelations about a mourned father, and country-western romance, Japanese style.

Independent Lens

Short, Not Sweet

By Robert Slane, Timothy Greenberg, Louise Johnson, David Fukushima, Matthew Miller, Ezra Krybus, and Jamie Travis

This short film "medley" includes Fine Line Between Cute and Creepy, La Puppe, A Monster's Calling, The School, and Why the Anderson Children Didn't Come to Dinner.

Independent Lens


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