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The Carmelita Tropicana Story

by Ela Troyano

The Carmelita Tropicana Story is an experimental narrative that explores the bicultural and bilingual experiences of Latinos and Latinas living in New York.

Downpour Resurfacing

by Frances Nkara

Blending experimental images with an intimate interview with therapist Robert Hall, this short film chronicles how one man transformed a childhood of abuse into a life of confidence and strength.

Independent Lens

First Face: The Buck Starts Here

by Jim Wolpaw and Steven Gentile

George Washington visited the home of artist Gilbert Stuart to sit for what is considered one of the most famous portraits ever created — Washington’s stoic image on the one dollar bill.

First World Order

by Philip Mallory Jones

Combining vérité video of arts and cultural practices, interviews, and computer-aided animation, First World Order lluminates the relationships between culturally and ethnically distinct and disparate Africans around the world.

In the Realms of the Unreal

by Jessica Yu

This experimental documentary portrays the work of Henry Darger, a janitor by day and “outsider artist” by night who transcended social isolation and poverty by creating his own world through art.


Once Upon a Time in the Bronx

by Ela Troyano

Exploration of the the bicultural and bilingual experiences of Latinos and Latinas living in New York.

Poetry in Motion

by Francesca Talenti

Voice narrations of poems come to life in this series of animated interstitials illustrating the subtle and ambiguous nature of poetry.

Great Performances

Race Is the Place

by Rick Tejada-Flores and Ray Telles

Race Is the Place presents the creative visions of a group of multicultural actors, poets, visual artists and musicians on America’s most pressing social issues.

Independent Lens

White Homeland Comando

by The Wooster Group

America's leading experimental theater group turns prime time cop shows on their ear in this stylized take-off of deceit, politics, and consequences.


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