In the Shadow of Ebola

by Gregg Mitman and Sarita Siegel

A Liberian student, his family and a nation torn apart by the Ebola outbreak find inner resolve to combat the virus’s spread.

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Iron Ladies of Liberia

by Daniel Junge, Siatta Scott-Johnson, Henry Ansbacher, and Jonathan Stack

Go behind the scenes with Africa’s first freely elected female head of state, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, of Liberia.

Women of the World, Global Voices, Women and Girls Lead, Global Perspectives Collection, Independent Lens

Land Rush

by Hugo Berkeley and Osvalde Lewat-Hallade

Land Rush looks at how multinational agribusiness is threatening African farmers' ability to feed their communities.

Global Voices, Global Perspectives Collection, Why Poverty?

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Last White Man Standing

by Justin Webster, Mette Heide, and Don Edkins

Tom Cholmondeley, heir to the largest white-owned estate in Kenya, stands accused of murdering a black poacher on his land. The film follows the case and gives an in-depth look at its sociopolitical context.

Global Voices, Global Perspectives Collection

Lost Boys of Sudan

by Jon Shenk and Megan Mylan

Lost Boys of Sudan is a feature-length documentary that follows two young refugees of Sudan’s civil war through their first year in America.

POV, Global Voices

Mama Africa: An Evening in July

by Simon Bright, and Wellspring Media, Inc.

On the afternoon before her arranged marriage, a reluctant young bride and aging beautician in Tunisia form a bond with deep consequences for both of them.

Mama Africa: Bintou

by Simon Bright, and Wellspring Media, Inc.

Against all odds and her husband's wishes, a downtrodden housewife in Burkina Faso sets out to earn enough money to educate her daughter.

Mama Africa: Growing Up Urban

by Simon Bright, and Wellspring Media, Inc.

In three richly imagined short dramas, three of Africa's most successful women filmmakers explore the modern African city through intimate stories about motherhood, ambition, and the search for identity.

Mama Africa: Riches

by Simon Bright, and Wellspring Media, Inc.

When a teacher flees with her son from apartheid South Africa to an isolated village in Zimbabwe, she must fight as an independent woman and rejected outsider to claim her place within her new society.

Milking the Rhino

by David E. Simpson

The native herding tribes of Africa are emerging from a century of “white man’s conservation,” which turned their lands into off-limits game reserves. Now, with a new model of conservation, African wildlife is back in their hands and the tribes are vying for a piece of the ecotourism pie. But can poachers become protectors?

Global Voices, Global Perspectives Collection, Independent Lens


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