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by Patrick Creadon and Christine O'Malley

One Nation. Under Stress. In Debt.

Land (and how it gets that way)

by Walter Brock

A look at how land-use issues are affecting one community in Kentucky, and how the ramifications translate to other communities across the nation.

A Lion in the House

by Julia Reichert and Steve Bognar

This inspiring, harrowing and intimate series follows five children as they fight against cancer with the help of their families, nurses, and doctors over a span of six years.

Independent Lens

Livable Landscapes: By Chance or by Choice?

by Melissa Paly

Examining the connection between landscape and community in northern New England, Livable Landscapes: By Chance or By Choice? looks at how growth and sprawl affect quality of life and how a community works to preserve its unique character.

Livelyhood - The Workday that Wouldn't Die

by The Working Group

Livelyhood is a series about work life and its relationship to our families, communities and the larger questions the country faces as the economy shifts at light speed.

Motherland Afghanistan

by Catherine Gund, Sedika Mojadidi, and Jenny Raskin

Nearly one in seven Afghan women dies in childbirth. Follow an Afghan American filmmaker and her father to his native Afghanistan, where he brings desperately needed medical attention and expertise to the women most susceptible to maternal mortality.

Independent Lens, Global Voices, Women and Girls Lead, Women of the World

One Last Bet

by Roynn Lisa Simmons

The personal obsessions and tragedies associated with gambling addiction and the emotional crap shoot of living an addicted life.

Open Outcry

by Jon Else, and Bonni Cohen

Shot in real time to capture the hyper-charged sense of danger, intensity, and controlled chaos in the trading pits, Open Outcry follows commodities traders whose work may soon vanish into the vapor of internet finance.


by Pamela Yates, and Peter Kinoy

In June 1998, 50 people, mostly women and children, all poor, some homeless, embarked on a month-long bus odyssey, crisscrossing the country to gather stories of people struggling with poverty due to welfare cuts and jobs downsizing.

Paperback Dreams

by Alex Beckstead

Focusing on two landmark booksellers: Cody's and Kepler's Books, Paperback Dreams is the story of the rise and fall of the independent bookstore.


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