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P-Star Rising

by Gabriel Noble

Rapper Priscilla Diaz was dazzling New York nightclub crowds at age nine. But chasing music stardom isn’t child’s play when you live in a shelter, your mom’s an addict, and your dad’s struggling to keep the family afloat.

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Parliament Funkadelic: One Nation Under a Groove

by Yvonne Smith, Harlene Freezer, and Sharon Davis

Follow one of the most unique and influential groups in music history. From a 1960s barbershop doo-wop group to 1970s masters of funk, through pitfalls, comebacks, to becoming the world's most sampled band, P-Funk continues to perform, record, and funk on into the 21st century.

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Polka Time

by Lisa Blackstone

Each July for more than 30 years, polka lovers from around the United States have descended on the tiny rural town of Gibbon, Minnesota for the Gibbon Polka Fest.

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Real Boy

by Shaleece Haas

Real Boy is the coming-of-age story of Bennett Gwizdalski, a transgender teenager with dreams of musical stardom. During the first two years of his transition from female to male, as Bennett works to repair a strained relationship with his family, he is taken under the wing of his friend and musical hero, the well-known transgender folk singer Joe Stevens.

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Sam Cooke: Crossing Over

by John Antonelli

A look at the musical and political significance of composer, performer, and pioneering pop music entrepreneur Sam Cooke and the circumstances that led to his murder.

American Masters

Sgt. Fitch: The Legacy of Sarg Records

by Damon R. Cook and Dan Pringle

Exploring the advent and legacy of Sarg Records, Sgt. Fitch: The Legacy of Sarg Records reveals the stories behind Charlie Fitch's independent label that launched the careers of some of today's rock and country music legends.

Sing Faster: The Stagehands' Ring Cycle

by Jon Else

An innovative documentary of Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle opera from the point of view of the union stagehands at the San Francisco Opera.

The Spirituals

by Eren McGinnis and Ari Palos

The Spirituals recounts an indigenous American music form's bitter histories through the work of a world-renown contemporary spiritual group.

Strange Fruit

by Joel Katz

An exploration of the history and legacy of "Strange Fruit," the song first recorded by Billie Holliday in 1939 which has become an enduring anthem of American civil rights.

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Street Ballad: A Jakarta Story

by Daniel Ziv

A young, gifted street musician searches for identity, legitimacy, and love on the frenzied streets of Jakarta, Indonesia.

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