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Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth

by Pratibha Parmar

Writer and human-rights activist Alice Walker’s story is an inspiring personal journey of a life lived with passionate commitment to truth and justice – ideals that sprang from a background of poverty and violent racism.

Women and Girls Lead, American Masters

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By Invitation Only

by Rebecca Snedeker

New Orleans filmmaker Rebecca Snedeker gives an unprecedented look at the secrets and inner workings of the old-line Carnival societies and debutante balls of Mardi Gras.

The Faubourg Tremé: The Untold Story of Black New Orleans

by Dawn Logsdon

Nestled at the edge of New Orleans’ fabled French Quarter, Faubourg Tremé is one of America’s oldest African American neighborhoods: it is also the origin of the civil rights movement in the South, and the birthplace of jazz.

Mi Mambo!

by Patricia Jaffe, and Molly McBride

Music meets the streets of East Harlem at the Harbor Conservatory where Latin rhythms create a lifeline for kids.

The Music's Gonna Get You Through

by Gabrielle Mullem

A look at a creative and music jazz camp in New Orleans for blind and visually-impaired teenagers run by master musician Henry Butler.

The Rural Studio

by Charles Schultz

At the Rural Studio, founder and Auburn University Professor Samuel Mockbee and his architecture students leave the abstract world of the university to live and work in Alabama's economically depressed Black Belt Region — transforming a community in the process.

Sgt. Fitch: The Legacy of Sarg Records

by Damon R. Cook and Dan Pringle

Exploring the advent and legacy of Sarg Records, Sgt. Fitch: The Legacy of Sarg Records reveals the stories behind Charlie Fitch's independent label that launched the careers of some of today's rock and country music legends.

Tattooed Under Fire

by Nancy Schiesari

A look at River City Tattoo Parlor in Killeen, Texas — home to Fort Hood, America’s largest military base — where war-bound and returning soldiers go under the needle and confess their deepest secrets and fears.

Third Ward TX

by Nancy Bless, Andrew Garrison, and Noland Walker

Turning an abandoned block of shotgun houses into art, Rick Lowe's Project Row Houses is re-shaping its Houston community, paying tribute to its past and racing to protect its future.

Voices from Texas

by Ray Santisteban

Voices from Texas probes the cultural and historical factors that have shaped Mexican American writers in Texas as they employ poetry and spoken word to navigate their struggles, interpret history, and celebrate life.


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