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End of Waiting Time

by Perez Molero, Jesus Sanjurjo, and Valerie Delpierre

During the long dictatorship of Spanish General Francisco Franco, hundreds of people were arrested, executed or disappeared. Today, the families of those who vanished have begun to search for answers about their relatives.

Global Voices, Global Perspectives Collection

The Silence of Others

by Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar

After decades of silence in Spain, a team of lawyers and former victims try to bring crimes of Franco’s brutal 40-year dictatorship before a criminal court for the first time in history, and that country is forced to reckon with its past.

This is My Picture When I Was Dead

by Mahmoud Al Massad

An imaginative look at what happens after four-year-old Bashir comes back to life after the assassination of him and his father, a top PLO lieutenant.

Global Perspectives Collection


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