Application deadline

The deadline for DDF will be 5 PM Pacific Time on Friday October 10, 2014. The application will go live here on September 19th, 2014.

All proposals must be accompanied by a sample of the applicant's previously completed work. Please follow the instructions carefully. Use only 12-point font size. Applications submitted in smaller font size will not be accepted.

Required materials for DDF application

1. Application cover sheet

2. Program description

3. Project Questionnaire (download)

4. Applicant Résumé

5. Copy of Previously completed work sample

6. Sample Material (optional)

Part 1: Application Cover sheet

First you must fill out and submit the online cover sheet. Here is a list of all the information you will need to complete your cover sheet. You will be asked to submit this information in our online application system which will go live here on September 19th, 2014.

Development Budget information instructions

Please provide estimated budget information only in the budget section of your application cover sheet. Do not include in-kind costs or support. The fields you will need to complete are:

  • Producing Staff
  • Script Development Writing Staff
  • Research
  • Travel Research
  • Production
  • Other

Please note: that the total request cannot exceed $15,000.00.


Part 2: Program description (up to three pages)


Attach a two-page treatment. Include a brief synopsis and describe how you envision translating your story from the page to the screen.

Project Information

Attach one page addressing the following:

  • How will the development funds be used?
  • What research and development has already been completed for this project?
  • Describe the target audience for this program. In what way is this audience not being currently served by public television?
  • Describe your role on the previously completed work sample and the sample’s relevance to the proposed program. This might include a similar shooting style, approach to storytelling, intimate access to characters, etc.


Part 3: Project Questionnaire

Applicants must download and complete the Project Questionnaire

The questionnaire requests more information on the following:

  • Timeline
  • Crew roles
  • Additional funding


Part 4: Applicant Résumé

Applicants must submit a résumé (including their filmography). No summaries or blurbs will be accepted.


Part 5: Previously Completed Work

Preferably a link or DVD of sample work must accompany all proposals. Applicants must have had a principal role (i.e., producer, co-producer, director or co-director). Work must be submitted in its entirety. Demo reels will not be accepted.

If you’re submitting a DVD, it must arrive at our office by the August 16th deadline. Send the DVD to the address below:

ITVS Diversity Development Fund 2013
651 Brannan Street, Suite 410
San Francisco CA 94107

In an effort to reduce waste, please consider sending in your work-in-progress sample in a paper sleeve.


Part 6: Sample Materials (optional)

Applicants should submit any sample footage or photos related to their film if available. This is not required but it is beneficial during the review process. Please upload your footage to a site (i.e. Vimeo or personal website) and include the link (and password if applicable) in a PDF document.


The deadline for DDF will be 5 PM Pacific Time on Friday October 10, 2014. The online application system will go live here on September 19th, 2014.