LINCS now accepts projects year-round. Contact us if you have any questions.

LINCS (Linking Independents and Co-producing Stations) provides matching funds to producer-station partnerships. Up to $100,000 in matching funds is available for a single broadcast program.

LINCS accepts:

  • Single programs of standard broadcast length (half-hour or one-hour). Feature length programs are not eligible through LINCS.
  • Demonstration projects that include both broadcast and transmedia components.
  • Programs that can be completed within one year of contract
  • Programs that will engage national as well as regional audiences, revealing universal themes through the lens of local perspectives and realities

LINCS does not accept:

  • Proposals for completed projects seeking distribution
  • Series proposals or fictional dramas
  • Programs intended solely for theatrical release

LINCS applications are accepted year round. The review process of a complete submission can take up to two months. Around 8 to 10 percent of LINCS applicants will receive funding.

LINCS is not a grant; ITVS provides a co-production investment in the program.

How the LINCS matching funding works

LINCS matching funds are based on secured funds and the station’s in-kind contribution that the producer has already been able to confirm as of the date of the application. In-kind contributions that do not come from the partnering stations are not eligible to be matched by LINCS co-production funding. Pending funds (funding neither received nor committed to by the time the application is submitted) are not eligible to be matched by LINCS co-production funding. The funding match for LINCS does not apply to the budget of the transmedia component of a broadcast program.

If the production has a budget gap at the time the ITVS contract is signed, the producer will have up to 12 months to secure the balance of funding. ITVS production funds will not be released until all funds are fully in place. Programs must be completed within one year of securing the balance of funding. All LINCS funds are paid directly to the producer.

Stations and producers must apply to LINCS together, after having created a partnership. A list of public television stations can be found on the PBS website. For more information on creating a partnership, please read Building a LINCS Partnership.