LINCS is now closed.

If you are looking for completion funding and have a station partnership, you can now apply through our Open Call application process. You will still need to provide a copy of a Letter of Agreement if you are applying with a station.

LINCS accepts:

  • Single programs of standard broadcast length (half-hour or one-hour). Feature length programs are not eligible through LINCS.
  • Demonstration projects that include both broadcast and transmedia components.
  • Programs that can be completed within one year of contract
  • Programs that will engage national as well as regional audiences, revealing universal themes through the lens of local perspectives and realities

LINCS does not accept:

  • Proposals for completed projects seeking distribution
  • Series proposals or fictional dramas
  • Programs intended solely for theatrical release

LINCS applications are accepted year round. The review process of a complete submission can take up to two months. Around 8 to 10 percent of LINCS applicants will receive funding.

LINCS is not a grant; ITVS provides a co-production investment in the program.