The process for applying to Open Call has changed.

Open Call is closed. The deadline for the next round is February 5, 2016.

The system allows you to save and return to your application as often as you like before the deadline.

The following is a list of information and materials that you will upload to your application form. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Alexandra Cantin ( for help.

Open Call Application Materials

  1. Program description
  2. Resumes and Crew Bios
  3. Work-in-progress video
  4. Budget summary information

Program description (up to seven pages total, Word or PDF format)

Communicate your program idea with as much detail as possible within seven pages. Be sure to include the following:

  • Current status
  • A synopsis of the program
  • A treatment specifying how you will translate your story from page to screen
  • A discussion of theme, format, structure, style, and point of view
  • The anticipated audience for the program. Are there specific communities (for example, defined by geography, ethnicity, class, or generation) who are the target audience for this program? In what way is this audience not being currently served by public television? How have you addressed the needs and interests of this audience? What is your relationship and access to this community?
  • Reasons the program is appropriate for public television

Production personnel (up to seven pages total, Word or PDF format)

Applicants and Co-applicants must each submit a résumé (including their filmography), up to three pages each. No summaries or blurbs will be accepted in place of a résumé, although a summary bio and filmography is acceptable. For the list of key production personnel only (additional directors or producers, advisors, editor, cinematographer/videographer, etc.), include name, position, and a short bio.

Work-in-progress video (10 to 15 minute sample or full rough cut, video file)

ITVS Open Call now only accepts works-in-progress between 10 to 15 minutes in length, unless you are submitting a full rough cut (80% to 120% of proposed length).

  • Proposals must be accompanied by a work-in-progress video sample of the proposed program, uploaded as a digital file.
  • Rough cuts must be between 80% to 120% of your proposed total running time. Please do not submit assemblies or early edits.
  • The maximum file size is 2GB. H264 video compression with AAC 16-bit audio is recommended for the best balance of quality and compression.
  • We can accept .mov, .mp4, .flv, or .wmv, with Quicktime (.mov) preferred.
  • You will no longer be asked for a updated work-in-progress if your project advances to the panel review.

Budget summary information (entered into online form)

You will be asked to list “Secured” funding (funder’s name, funding amount) as well as a summary of the major production expenses (budget category, dollar amount subtotal for each category) to determine your total funding request to ITVS. (Total expenses - secured income = your request to ITVS; this will be calculated for you in the online form.)

Note that if your project advances to panel/feasibility review, you will be required to submit a full production budget as an Excel file using the ITVS Production Budget template.