In an effort to keep up with the changing landscape of new technology, ITVS presents excerpts from interviews with Public Television industry leaders, combined with data from ITVS and PBS, on the topic of HD production and programming. The interviews were conducted early 2009.

HDTV technology was introduced in the United States in the 1990s by a group of television companies, MIT scholars and technicians. Since that time, camera manufacturers, broadcasters and video professionals have been rushing to create and adapt new formats to increase the aesthetics of the video image and overall viewing experience, without losing compatibility with established industry standards. This quest for image quality has given way to a wide range of frame sizes, frame rates, compression formats and workflow challenges. The Public Television industry continues to be greatly affected by this quest, and the evolution of broadcast standards continues today.

ITVS contacted a number of producers (ITVS and non-ITVS funded), broadcasters, post production entities, cinematographers and other professionals from the field, to discuss the successes and challenges of producing in the various formats that fall under the umbrella of High Definition.

Please note:

• Where possible we have tried to synthesize answers, although we have done this with a minimum amount of editing.

• Answers to questions are the opinions of the interviewees and should be read accordingly. Sometimes answers may reflect contradictory opinions.

• Nothing within this document should be construed as a recommendation by ITVS or ITVS staff.

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