Open Call Checklist

PLEASE NOTE: This is not the official application form. It is a list of all the information you will need to complete the online cover sheet.

Before you begin filling out the online cover sheet, please make sure you have all the information you will need. Here is a list of all fields you will be asked to complete when submitting your cover sheet for Open Call.


    • Program Title
    • Length
    • Brief Summary of Proposed Program
    • Genre
    • Shooting Format

    If you have a co-applicant, you will need all their information, too. Applicants and co-applicants cannot have the same email address.

    • Name
    • Role in production
    • Name of Production Entity
    • Address
    • City, State, Zip
    • Phone
    • Fax Number
    • Email Address

    Background Information (optional)

    • Ethnicity
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Other Community
    • How did you learn about Open Call?

    • Cash Spent to Date
    • Cash Secured Not Yet Spent
    • Description of Cash Secured Not Yet Spent
    • Pending Funds
    • Description of Pending Funds
    • Total Request to ITVS
    • Total Budget of Program

    Please provide estimated budget information only in the budget section of your application. Do not include in-kind costs or support.

    a. TOTAL BUDGET = the total cost of the completed production

    b. TOTAL CASH SPENT TO DATE, IF ANY = money spent by the producer or other contributors prior to ITVS application

    c. PENDING FUNDS = the total of funding sources that have been requested but not committed; do not include your ITVS request

    • PENDING FUNDS DETAILS: grants, foundation requests, etc.; do not include your ITVS request (e.g., applied for $25,000 from CAAM; applied for $10,000 from LPB)

    d. CASH SECURED, but not yet spent = committed grants and funds

    • CASH SECURED DETAILS, but not yet spent: committed grants and funds. Please list the amounts, sources, and year received. (e.g., $5,000 received from the Film Arts Foundation in 2002; $8,000 received from the California Arts Council in 2001)

    e. REQUEST TO ITVS = A (total budget) minus B (cash spent) minus D (cash secured).

    • The Request to ITVS is amount of money you need to complete the film at time your application is submitted. This is the budget total less the money you are fully guaranteed to receive. Please ensure this figure is accurate as it can critically impact your application, especially if you advance to later stages of review.

    • For example, if your total budget (A) is $300,000, your total cash spent to date (B) is $100,000, and the amount of cash secured but not yet spent (D) is $50,000, your request to ITVS is $300,000 - $100,000 - $50,000 = $150,000. Do not subtract pending funds from your total budget when calculating your request to ITVS.



    • Type
    • Length

    Previously Completed Work Sample

    • Title
    • Length
    • Role