Interactive Projects

After the Storm

This unique interactive documentary essay tells the story of what happens after the storm passes, after the media leaves town, and after the adrenaline subsides. Written as a letter to future disaster survivors, the film is not so much about the how and why of the tornado the filmmaker lived through, but it's instead about that central question all of us face after living through something traumatic. Namely, how do we make sense of it all?

Decisions on Deadline

This fast-paced online and tablet-based game puts players in the shoes of working journalists as they cover the daily drama of life in a fictional town somewhere in America. With the clock ticking, players are challenged to figure out the Who, What, When, Where and Why of a breaking news story, while navigating difficult ethical decisions that face all journalists working in the digital age.

Bridge the Gulf

This community media project, driven by the voices of Gulf Coast community leaders, advocates and journalists, works toward a just and sustainable future for the region. Conceived several years after Hurricane Katrina, and launched in the midst of the BP disaster, the project has become an independent media resource that amplifies Gulf Coast voices on issues often overlooked by mainstream media.

The Migrant Trail

The Migrant Trail is a video game that introduces players to the hardships and perils of crossing the Sonora Desert. Players have the chance to play as both migrants crossing the desert from Mexico to the United States and as U.S. Border Patrol agents patrolling the desert.

Vision Machine

The acclaimed 2011 sci-fi graphic novel from writer Greg Pak (Planet Hulk, Robot Stories) and penciller R.B. Silva (Superboy) has been transformed into a stunning multi-media app that revolutionizes the comics experience on the iPad with 3D and pinch-to-zoom interaction, gorgeous animation, a complete voice and music soundtrack, and live, real-world social features.

Granito: Every Memory Matters

An intergenerational, interactive public archive of memories intended to expose further the history of the Guatemalan genocide. Granito: Every Memory Matters aims to create a storytelling exchange that awakens and restores the collective memory of Guatemala’s recent past, which claimed the lives of more than 200,000 people, 45,000 of whom were "disappeared."

Wish for the Future

Wish for the Future mixes participatory storytelling and design science to envision a better world. Participants make a wish for the future. Wishes are granted through a creative act such as writing a story, making a piece of art, sharing a song, or creating a video. Then granted wishes are prototyped using 3D printers and software hacks in an effort to create a tangible artifact. Afterward, wishes, creative expressions and prototypes will be placed in multiple time capsules and buried for 100 years.

The Lexicon of Sustainability

This multiplatform project is based on a simple premise: people can’t be expected to live more sustainable lives if they don’t know the basic terms and principles that define sustainability. The Lexicon of Sustainability starts with three short films: The Story of an Egg, Local, and Forage exploring terms such as "cage free," "food miles," and "eating in season." Large format information art photo collages, national pop-up photography shows, a book, and social network are in development.

Power Poetry

Power Poetry is the world’s first mobile poetry community for youth. Employing the latest hand-held technology, it enables young poets to use text, audio, images, and video to express themselves and connect their voices with urgent social movements. (Text POEM to 41411.) Young writers can compose, compare, collaborate, and comment, as they share their poetry on a global scale using the transformative power of language to turn social networks into poetry slams.

More Than a Mapp

More Than a Mapp is a free iPhone and iPod app that allows users to discover and contribute to the African American history that exists all around us. The location-enabled application can reveal sites of significance to black history in your city, and allows you to upload map points of your own. The crowd-sourced and moderated data will grow to reveal that history doesn’t just live in books; it has a presence in the everyday places we find ourselves.

Our Mother Tongues

Take an interactive journey through America’s Native languages and the burgeoning movement among American Indians to save them, contextualized by the 21st century global quest to avert the extinction of half the world’s languages.

Hunt for the Noor Stone Game

The Hunt for the Noor Stone is a role-playing adventure game where you must navigate the ancient cities of Baghdad and Cordova in search of a Noor stone — the mythical stone referenced in Hindu and Arab texts and believed to contain infinite powers.

The Garbage Dreams Game

On the outskirts of Cairo lies the world's largest garbage village, where 60,000 Zaballeen — Arabic for "garbage people" — have survived for centuries by recycling nearly 80 percent of Cairo's waste. Could you build a recycling business as efficient as theirs? Try your hand at our recycling game.

Deep Down Virtual Mine

Enter a complete 3D virtual mountaintop removal mine in the popular world Second Life. Inspired by the documentary Deep Down, the Virtual Mine offers an educational 3D environment, game, and curriculum for teachers and students. Grab an avatar and a hard hat and go deep into the virtual mine to learn about mountain top removal, coal fired power production, alternative energies, and the music and culture of Appalachia.

World Without Oil

On April 30, 2007, the world entered a global oil shock. Or so it seems at World Without Oil, an online alternate reality that enlisted the world's collective imagination to document the oil crisis with blogs, videos, and images.

Returning Home

Inspired by the film The Way We Get By, Returning Home allows family and friends to become troop greeters, by sending encouraging messages to American soldiers through user-generated content and virtual care packages.

Children of the Amazon

A Brazilian filmmaker travels a modern highway in search of the indigenous children she photographed 15 years ago. An enhanced website features blog posts from the Surui tribe, who use GPS and Google Maps to engage in global dialogue, monitor illegal logging, and preserve their forest home.

The Storm that Swept Mexico

Get immersed in the people, places, and culture surrounding the Mexican Revolution. Find in-depth profiles of key figures of the revolution, take a Facebook quiz to see which revolutionary you'd have fought beside, and tour the making of the film from the filmmakers' perspective. Bring the story to life in the classroom with video modules exploring Mexican public art, the role of women in the revolution, and what constitutes a hero.

Off the Map

Embark on a multimedia tour of backyard paradises created by visionary artists around the world, and create and share your own backyard paradise.

Face to Face: Stories from the Aftermath of Infamy

Connect the experiences of Japanese Americans in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor with those confronting Arab and Muslim Americans today in a post-9/11 America.