2008 Sundance Film Festival Winner For God, Tsar and Fatherland to Premiere on Global Voices Series on PBS WORLD Channel, Sunday, June 6, 2008

A fascinating look at Russian nationalism today through the activities of a right-wing leader and his young followers

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(San Francisco, CA)—Mikhail Morozov is a self-described Russian patriot, good Christian and successful businessman. He owns Durakovo, which is Russian for “the Village of Fools,” 100 kilometers southwest of Moscow. People go there from all over Russia to learn how to live and become “true Russians.” When they join the Village of Fools, the new residents abandon all their former rights and agree to obey Morozov’s strict rules. “What we have here is a society that respects the vertical of power; this is what our country needs most of all,” says Morozov quoting his idol, former Russian president Vladimir Putin. 

Directed by Nino Kirtadze, winner of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival’s World Cinema Directing Award, FOR GOD, TSAR AND FATHERLAND reveals what drives Russian patriotism today and why so many Russians have become disillusioned with democracy and long for a return to the old days of the Soviet Union. FOR GOD, TSAR AND FATHERLAND will have its U.S. premiere on Sunday, June 6, 2008, at 10pm on Global Voices, a new series produced by ITVS International airing on the PBS WORLD digital channel (check local listings). 

Morozov has lived in the village of Durakovo for many years and has turned it into a place that he describes as a community where people can come to learn how to be happy, how to cure themselves from all bad Western influences, rebuild their mental and physical health, and become what he considers to be “true Russians.” Morozov created Durakovo with the idea of helping his fellow countrymen “stay sober and awake” in an effort to combat the staggering number of alcohol-related deaths that occur yearly in Russia. Morozov’s driving motivation is his desire to save the nation from this mortal sin (alcoholism) and to teach people to live in what he calls a “managed democracy.” According to Morozov, “the democracy proposed by the West is just a plot against Russia and will bring nothing but disorder.” The inhabitants of Durakovo submit themselves completely to Morozov’s absolute power, toiling day and night for his benefit under heavy indoctrination with the hope that Morozov will help them transform their lives and return a debilitating Russia to its former glory. 

What director Nino Kirtadze brings to the surface in FOR GOD, TSAR AND FATHERLAND is the strong sense of patriotism and the even stronger resolve of Morozov and the inhabitants of Durakovo that translates to the belief that democracy is not for the citizens of the new Russia. The big lingering question, however, is this: What does the future hold for them, for a potential post-democratic Russia and for the world? 

Filmmaker Background 
Nino Kirtadze (Director) 
Nino Kirtadze was born in 1968 in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. After advanced literature studies, she became a university lecturer at age 23. She has worked as a consultant to the president of the Republic of Georgia and as a journalist, covering the war in Chechnya and armed conflicts in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Her first documentary, The Three Lives of Eduard Shevardnadze, screened at the Toronto and Cannes international film festivals. Her 2005 documentary, The Pipeline Next Door, received the award for best documentary from the European Film Academy. She speaks Russian, Georgian, English and French. Kirtadze won the 2008 Sundance Film Festival’s World Cinema Directing Award for Durakovo: Village of Fools, the 90-minute version of FOR GOD, TSAR AND FATHERLAND. 

Paul Rozenberg (Producer) 
Rozenberg graduated from l’Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris. He created Zadig Productions, an independent audiovisual company, five years ago. He was joined by Bruno Nahon in 2002 and by Félicie Roblin in 2003. Zadig Productions’ projects are broad-based, with a strong focus on social, cultural and political editorial content, thus generating international outreach. Zadig works with the main national French channels and with the international market, including HBO, ORF, ZDF and Keshet. 

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Posted on May 16, 2008