End of Waiting Time Confronts Spain’s Facist Past as Families of Victims Continue Search for Loved Ones

Film to premiere on Global Voices series on PBS WORLD channel Sunday, September 20, at 10pm

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(San Francisco, CA) – In 1936, General Francisco Franco led a coup d' etat against the Spanish Republic that gave rise to a brutal civil war. During his long dictatorship, hundreds of people were arrested, executed or disappeared. Today, family members of those who vanished have begun to look for their relatives' remains and reflect on that dark period and its ongoing effect on their lives. In END OF WAITING TIME, Spanish directors Antonio Perez Molero and Jesus Sanjurjo remove the shroud of secrecy, offering the viewer an opportunity to analyze this chapter of Spain’s history from a human perspective. END OF WAITING TIME will air nationally on PBS WORLD’s Global Voices on Sunday, September 20, at 10pm. 

Focusing on the exhumation at the 16th-century monastery in Uclés used as a political prison in the 1940s, END OF WAITING TIME combines the testimonies of the prisoners and their families who actually lived through the events as well as those of local villagers and archeologists. Local official Maximo Molina leads the exhumation, having been drawn to the events in Uclés after reading archives of the military logs while searching for his grandfather’s remains. He assembles a team of forensic archeologists, student volunteers from the University of Madrid and contractors to convene on the grounds of Uclés in hopes of exhuming over 300 bodies in two mass graves. The local families greet this fact-finding mission with excitement as they eagerly await the opportunity to give uncles, brothers and fathers a proper burial. As the dig begins, many uncertainties began to arise: even the location of the graves is questioned when it is discovered that some remains do not match records of people known to be executed at Uclés. 

Despite this setback, the exhumation continues, and the villagers and victim’s families visit the site, offering their stories of torture and revealing their unique experiences of how their lives and Spanish history was changed by Franco’s brutal dictatorship. END OF WAITING TIME gives an honest voice to the story of Spain taking its first steps in confronting its past, while providing concrete evidence, support and closure for people's memories of what happened in a small country village. 

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Posted on September 21, 2009