Film by Ramona S. Diaz Explores the Complex Persona of Former Filpina First Lady Imelda Marcos, Her Rise to Power and Fall from Grace

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Few contemporary political figures have been as controversial and outspoken - and even misunderstood - as Imelda Marcos, the former Philippine first lady and subject of filmmaker Ramona Diaz's compelling and entertaining new film, IMELDA, which makes it North American premiere in official documentary competition at Sundance 2004. Sundance Screening Times for IMELDA are: 

Sunday, January 18, Yarrow Theatre 10:30pm, Press Screening
Monday, January 19, Holiday Village III, 6pm North American Premiere
Tuesday, January 20, Holiday Village IV, 3:30pm
Thursday, January 22, Holiday Village IV, 12:30pm
Friday, January 23, Sundance Institute, 1pm
Saturday, January 24, Holiday Village I, 10:30am 

IMELDA marks the first time that Mrs. Marcos has agreed to tell her story. This feature documentary details her controversial rise from humble provincial origins with a combination of guile, ambition and beauty to become one of the richest and most powerful women in contemporary world history. Universally known by her first name, Imelda is the widow of the late Ferdinand Marcos, exiled president of the Philippines who maintained close ties with the U.S. even after proclaiming martial law in 1972. In spite of strict governmental control, opposition to Marcos's regime continued to grow in the following years. 

After a controversial vote count in his 1986 run against Corazón Aquino, the widow of a slain political rival, Marcos was forced by a popular uprising to leave the Philippines. By his side and sharing his power throughout was Marcos's wife Imelda, whose beauty, cosmopolitan bearing, and lavish tastes eventually brought her more fame – and perhaps even more power – than husband. 

Produced by award-winning filmmaker Ramona S. Diaz, the story of IMELDA is told by Imelda Marcos herself in exceptionally rare original interviews. Diaz and her crew were given unprecedented access to Marcos's life, following her throughout the country, and at one point even living in her home. Imelda is both vivaciously charming as she addresses the camera and perplexing as she expounds upon her personal cosmology. She even addresses the question that is on everyone's mind: What about all those shoes? It is no wonder that to this day, Filipinos demonstrate equal passion in either their adulation or loathing of the larger-than-life figure, Imelda. And, it is in their hands that the as yet unknown ending to her story rests. Will Imelda Marcos finally be convicted of charges that range from graft to human rights abuses? And if she is, will a verdict against her restore a natural order to the Philippines, or merely add martyrdom to the weight of Imelda's symbolic claim? Shot in 16 millimeter, the film offers a visually stunning look at one of the world's most reviled and revered women of the last century. IMELDA is a production of CINEDIAZ, and is a co-presentation of Independent Television Service (ITVS) and the National Asian American Telecommunications Association (NAATA). 

The filmmaker, Ramona Diaz, will be available to speak on her film as well as her most unique title subject. To schedule an interview session with the filmmaker and for additional information on the film, please contact TC:DM & Associates at (213) 624-7827. 


Posted on January 20, 2004