LInCS 2005

Deadline For Proposals May 26, 2005

Public contact: Elizabeth Meyer, 415-356-8383 x270, e-mail: Press contact: Randall Cole, 415-356-8383 x254, 

(San Francisco, CA)-The Independent Television Service (ITVS) announces LInCS 2005 (Local Independents Collaborating with Stations), a unique funding initiative that gives independent producers and local public television stations the opportunity to work together. The deadline for applications is May 26, 2005. A true one-of-a-kind, LInCS is the only funding initiative for independent producers in the public TV system that fosters station/producer collaboration. 

By providing matching funds to partnerships, LInCS acts as a catalyst, helping independent producers leverage the support of stations, and helping stations to access the talent of independent producers, creating programs that speak to their communities. LInCS funding provides up to $100,000 and may be matched by station in-kind as well as producer's secured cash (from grants, underwriting, individual donors and/or out-of-pocket cash contributions to the production). Projects may be in any stage of development and all genres are eligible, including documentary, drama, animation and innovative combinations. Series are not eligible. Programs must be 26:40 or 56:40 in length. 

Independent film and videomakers are invited to contact their local public television station to determine whether the station is interested in collaborating. Likewise, public television stations are encouraged to solicit and entertain ideas from independent producers in their broadcast areas. LInCS seeks regionally and culturally diverse projects. LInCS projects should engage both regional and national audiences, revealing universal themes through the lens of local perspectives and realities. Programs should stimulate civic discourse and explore regional, cultural, political, social or economic issues in innovative ways. LInCS also encourages experienced makers to mentor an emerging co-producer through the production process. A panel, consisting of representatives from the independent media community and public television station staff, will make project selections. 

Previously funded LInCS programs include the Academy Award®-nominated documentary THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND. the Emmy Award-winning documentary BE GOOD, SMILE PRETTY; DEATH OF A SHAMAN; HEART OF THE SEA; LARRY VS. LOCKNEY; LOADED GUN: Life, and Death, and Dickinson; OKIE NOODLING; and SING FASTER: The Stagehands' Ring Cycle. 

To download LInCS guidelines and applications, visit the ITVS website at or phone (415) 356-8383 ext. 270. The ITVS LInCS Programming Manager is Elizabeth Meyer. The deadline for LInCS applications is May 26, 2005. 

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FUNDING FOR INDIE PRODUCTIONS: LOCAL INDEPENDENTS COLLABORATING with STATIONS (LInCS) is a funding initiative from Independent Television Service (ITVS) that provides matching funds (up to $100,000) for collaborations between public TV stations and indie producers. Projects may be in any stage of development and all genres are eligible, including documentary, drama, animation and innovative combinations. Only single shows, 26:40 or 56:40, are eligible - no series. Programs should stimulate civic discourse and find innovative ways to explore regional, cultural, political, social or economic issues. Indie film and videomakers are encouraged to seek collaborations with their local public TV stations. Deadline: May 26, 2005. Guidelines and applications at, or call Elizabeth Meyer (415) 356-8383 x270; 

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