The Loss of Nameless Things

THE LOSS OF NAMELESS THINGS tells the strange, haunting and unforgettable true story of a charismatic, soaring talent—and of his violent crash to earth.

Premieres on PBS's Independent Lensthe Emmy Award-winning Series Hosted by Edie FalcoTuesday, February 28, at 10 PM (Check Local Listings)

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For the First Time Ever, the Amazing Story of Oakley Hall III 

(San Francisco)—In 1978, Oakley Hall III, the brilliant and wildly charismatic founder of the Lexington Conservatory Theater, had it all—he was genius uncorked. Living as king of a fiercely loyal band of actors/acolytes, his writing flowed as smoothly as the golden whiskey he consumed with gusto. Together, his merry band transformed the run-down Catskills camp where they worked and lived into their creative paradise. Fueled not only by genius and passion, but also by sexual energy, drugs and booze, Hall and company staged obscure absurdist plays as well as daring reworkings of classics such as Frankenstein and A Streetcar Named Desire. The theater was red-hot, garnering breathless reviews from critics, and Hall's just-completed epic play, Grinder's Stand, would soon be optioned by Joe Papp's Public Theater. 

But theatrical convention requires that such brilliant ascendancy be followed by a fall, and in Hall's case, it was brutally literal, a devastating crash onto a rocky ledge from a high bridge on a bleak, foggy night. THE LOSS OF NAMELESS THINGS is the harrowing tale of Hall's fall from grace, a bittersweet look at what was recaptured and a heartbreaking reminder of what was lost forever. 

A powerful debut film from Bill Rose, THE LOSS OF NAMELESS THINGS will premiere nationally on the Emmy Award–winning PBS series Independent Lens, hosted by Edie Falco, on Tuesday, February 28, 2006, at 10pm (check local listings). 

The companion website for THE LOSS OF NAMELESS THINGS ( features detailed information on the film, including an interview with the filmmaker and links and resources pertaining to the film's subject matter. The site also features a Talkback section for viewers to share their ideas and opinions and to preview clips of the film. 

About the Filmmaker 
For more than 20 years, Bill Rose has been producing and directing documentaries and short films for numerous clients, including corporations, agencies and nonprofit organizations. In that time, he has also been an AFI Directing Intern to Martin Ritt, and his dramatic work has been seen nationally on the Arts and Entertainment Network. Rose has won numerous awards, including a Cine Golden Eagle, multiple Telly Awards and multiple Communicator Awards. THE LOSS OF NAMELESS THINGS has appeared in more than 20 film festivals at which the film won many awards, including five Best Documentary awards. Rose lives in Palo Alto, California, with his wife and children.

Posted on December 23, 2005