The New Deal 1.5: Mission and Monetizing

American University's Center for Social Media and Independent Television Service (ITVS) Issue Groundbreaking Report on Digital Distribution

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 12, 2007) At the SILVERDOCS: AFI/Discovery Channel Documentary Festival, American University ’s Center for Social Media will release research that reveals current business practices around new digital distribution in television. The study was co-produced with the Independent Television Service (ITVS). 

“The new media marketplace is finally emerging and risk factors have changed. Focusing cautiously on monetizing in the short run could, for public broadcasting, be counterproductive if public broadcasting by so doing gives up the opportunity to create a public identity for itself and its most vital source of high-quality production—independent producers,” said Center for Social Media director Pat Aufderheide. 

Researcher Maryam Roberts interviewed more than 30 television executives in cable and public television, to discover current terms to acquire rights for video on demand, DVD and Internet distribution. 

“The documentary community must ensure that work of independent storytellers is seen by the largest possible audience and their voices contribute to the national conversation of ideas that is central to our democracy,” said SILVERDOCS Festival Director Patricia Finneran. “SILVERDOCS programs explore the future of documentary in the digital age. This report is an immensely valuable tool for making sense of the current marketplace.” 

The study recommends that for independent filmmakers and for public broadcasters, two stakeholders who uniquely need each other, this is a time to draw on each other’s capacities to make public media. 

More, it is a critical time to imagine a productive relationship to build truly public spaces in the online world. The study concludes that this is an excellent time for documentarians and public media executives to work together on demonstration projects online. 

“The new media landscape invites us to create a new kind of public media for a participatory era; to open the rich public media archive to new audiences; and to find new ways to champion the independent filmmakers whose work makes public broadcasting unique”, said ITVS President Sally Jo Fifer. “We hope this report will be the beginning of a fruitful conversation about the future of television for the people, by the people, no matter what kind of screen it’s on.” 

The Ford Foundation funded the study as part of its Global Perspectives in a Digital Age Initiative. Center director Pat Aufderheide spearheaded the research. Tamara Gould, vice president of distribution for ITVS, represented as co-producer.

 Read the report (PDF) >>

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Posted on June 11, 2007