Press Releases

  1. The Weather Underground

    March 5, 2004

    Contact:Cara White 843/881-1480 carapub@aol.comMary Lugo 770/623-8190 lugo@negia.netRandall Cole 415/356-8383 x254 Program companion website, visit http// "You don't need a weatherman to see which way the wind blows.” — Bob Dylan, Subterranean Homesick Blues'"A great story! The

  2. Every Child Is Born a Poet: The Life and Work of Piri Thomas

    March 5, 2004

    Program companion website, visit (San Francisco, CA) — An incendiary mix of documentary, poetry, storytelling, drama and performance, EVERY CHILD IS BORN A POET explores the life and work of Piri Thomas, the 75-year-old Afro-Cuban-Puerto Rican author of the classic autobiographical novel Down These Mean

  3. Ram Dass Fierce Grace

    March 5, 2004

    Contact:Mary Lugo 770/623-8190 lugo@negia.netCara White 843/881-1480 carapub@aol.comRandall Cole 415/356-8383 Program companion website: "Equals any transcendent moment you're likely to find in a fiction film, a novel, or a ‘manual for conscious being.'” — Michael Almereyda, The New York Times

  4. Love Inventory

    March 5, 2004

    Contact: Cara White 843/881-1480 Mary Lugo 770/623-8190 Randall Cole 415/356-8383 x254 Program companion website, visit (San Francisco, CA) — David Fisher's funny and bittersweet film, LOVE INVENTORY, chronicles his family's attempt to solve a personal

  5. The New Americans

    March 1, 2004

    CONTACT:Mary Lugo at 770-623-8190 lugo@negia.netRandall Cole, ITVS, at 415-356-8383, ext. 254 (San Francisco, CA)—America has seen many waves of immigration since the country's founding–some came to escape political or religious persecution, others to seek their riches in a new land, some came as privileged merchants, and