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Posted on April 2, 2010
Always thought-provoking, sometimes controversial, Independent Lens brings you documentaries, dramas, shorts and Web-exclusive projects made by independent thinkers. Check out some of the recent Talkback from viewers about films that aired in March. The Eyes of Me "I was studying and watching this for inspiration for a research paper the other night, and found it gave me more inspiration than I could have ever imagined! I cried a number of times. I thank everyone in this film for shining light on a subject I was completely ignorant to before." Posted by: Sabrina on March 6, 2010 "I was just casually watching the Independent Lens Program about blind teenagers in Texas. My casual watching turned to anger when I saw how a young boy (Isaac) was allowed to go blind because the medical community could not find a way to do an emergency repair of Isaac's detached retina. In the big, rich state of Texas, wasn't there one person or organization that could have prevented Isaac from going blind?" Posted by: James Stokely on March 5, 2010 "I came home late from work last night and watched this episode while eating dinner in front of the TV. This in itself is not unusual, but the tears I shed as the birthday girl reflected on her birthdays past were. I am a grown man and have little understanding of teenage girls feelings but I couldn't help reflecting on my own b-days and how lucky I was. My wish for Denise is that she comes to find her place in this world and realizes that she is a beautiful, smart, fun girl who will make many friends in her life and have many b-days full of joy. I will think of her every time I blow out my own candles and wish her the best. Great episode!" Posted by: Sherman on March 4, 2010 View more Talkback and submit your own for The Eyes of Me >> Whatever It Takes "Wow!!! This film was very inspiring! I am a college student finishing up my teaching degree in social studies and I was just so moved by this film. Thank you for creating such an awesome film! It's nice to see an administrator, such as Edward Tom to be so involved and invested in each of the student's lives! This is incredible! As a future teacher, I would love to meet Ed Tom! He is very inspiring! There should be more administrators like him out there!" Posted by: Tony on March 31, 2010 "I'm a retired social worker and former high school teacher, naturally this subject was very close to my heart. But I was blown away by the level of the graphics and art work, and also the vocal background music. Masterful and astonishing! Tom is right: smaller is better. I hold Sharifea in my heart and keep a good thought for her. She can do it!" Posted by: E. Weibel on March 31, 2010" I am a hardened New Yorker who frankly is pretty jaded. But Ed Tom, you deserve a medal. Really. You are doing a great service to your students and the world. This show made me tear up. Good job Ed." Posted by: Brooklyn P on March 31, 2010 View more Talkback and submit your own for Whatever It Takes >>


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