Recent Talkback About Independent Lens This Month

Posted on June 18, 2009

It's hard to believe another season of Independent Lens has come to an end. Check out some of the recent Talkback from viewers about films airing this month. Share your own thoughts and stay tuned for the latest updates about the upcoming season. 

“Thank you for educating me about ‘Don't Ask Don't Tell.’ I am a teenager, and if I understand the need for ALL Americans to have equal opportunities, why doesn't congress?” Posted by: Monique on June 18, 2009 “I am not gay but when I was in Vietnam and they were shooting at me, I did not care if the guy beside me helping shoot back was gay, green yellow or whatever. Get rid of DADT. The war took years from my life and now the taxes I pay are being wasted by putting highly trained people out of the military.” Posted by: Kenneth Mostella on June 17, 2009 “I am a lifelong military dependant, married to a career Army Officer. Both my husband and I support the full inclusion of every eligible person willing to serve… The only point of contention I had was with the Right to Serve Campaign, which in my mind will do a disservice to the advancement of equal rights… These recruiters are legally bound by the limits of this ridiculous policy. Lets continue with the discourse, it's only a matter of time.” Posted by: Molly on June 17, 2009 View more Talkback and submit your own for ASK NOT >>

“I am so glad the film was produced because this way my children and grandchildren can see parts of Mobile’s history good and bad…” Posted by: Shirley Phelps-Pollard on June 17, 2009 “I am a middle class woman living in the south. These older organizations are more about class than anything else… New money without the right lineage will not get you in. The race aspect is tough. It's two different cultures. Why do we have to be the same? I would have liked to attend both parties. Some like it that way and others do not. I do have to mention that because of the past, our present is rich and if we integrate all of our traditions will the cultures and customs become somehow less colorful?” Posted by: Brigette Towler on June 10, 2009 View more Talkback and submit your own for THE ORDER OF MYTHS >>

"Women are the unsung heroes of our armed forces. Thank you for this moving documentary, which brought to the forefront these brave women who sacrificed a part of themselves in a combat theatre. Your courage and strength is something my 11 year old daughter can be proud of and look up to.” Posted by: Donald Sanchez on June 10, 2009 “I watched this film yesterday evening and was amazed. I would like to thank all the ladies for their honesty during the documentary, something we see all too little of nowadays. Specialist Shannon Morgan to me was the highlight of the film. Thanks to everyone in the making of the film we need to see more like this…” Posted by: Legionnaire on June 4, 2009 View more Talkback and submit your own for LIONESS >>


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