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Posted on December 3, 2009

Always thought-provoking, sometimes controversial, Independent Lens brings you documentaries, dramas, shorts and Web-exclusive projects made by independent thinkers. Check out some of the recent Talkback from viewers about films airing this month. 

"In viewing this documentary, hearing and seeing the damage to the people in this area, just reinforces my belief that we all need to work smarter and harder to change our economy from the disastrous path corporations have put us on."
Posted by: Beverly Franco on November 10, 2009 

"I have been searching for some kind of good from people and became very excited and happy (while also relieved) when I saw last nights program about the renewable energy. Now I know what path to follow. I am so proud of the American Native Indians. They've always been the morally good human species. Thank you for beings such an inspiration."
Posted by: Polarbear on November 8, 2009 

"I was particularily moved by the comment 'We are the United States of America. There is no absence of resources or technology for us not to do the right thing.' This should be a mantra for all Americans to lead the world to do the right thing."
Posted by: Dan Knockel on November 6, 2009 

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"I have watched a lot of Independent Lens films. But I have never experienced what I did seeing D TOUR. When Evan said 'Your soul isn't in your kidneys, and well, if it is, then pass it on.' I felt something break inside me--it was my last resistance to the concept of organ donation. Sure, I've been a volunteer. And yes, I've written some checks to worthy charities. But now I feel that I can make a contribution that is far more than the sum of my parts."
Posted by: Ellen Corsano on November 20, 2009 

"Just want to tell you that your program on organ donation was the most moving program that I've ever seen. It moved me to donate my body with whatever organs can be used. I passed my response to my daughter who said she also felt extremely moved by your beautiful film. Thank you so much for making this important & beautiful film."
Posted by: Lynne Knudsen on November 20, 2009 

"This movie is a small miracle. It shows how terrible life can be without a transplant and how transformative is the decision to donate organs, for many, many people. Pete's mom and Evans' wife, Jill, are the BEST! Congratulations to Mr. Granatos and all involved in making this film, for getting all the important details 'right' and for making a good film at the same time."
Posted by: Movie Fan on November 12, 2009 

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"I am still welling up with emotion from last night's viewing of NO SUBTITLES NECESSARY. The energy, dedication and passion to get the story told in an artistic, impactful way, despite overwhelming obstacles by these two wonderful men has reignited my passion for life, period."
Posted by: Mark Bender on November 20, 2009 

"This documentary was powerful and compellling. What a beautiful and amazing story of two creative artists with moxy and a wonderful way of looking at the world and living with zest. Thanks Mr. Zsigmond and may you continue to shine. You are much appreciated. This Christmas all nine people on my Christmas list are getting different copies of your movies. Stay strong."
Posted by: Christian van Gorder on November 28, 2009 

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"Just finished watching the show. It was very thought provoking. I was struck by the repeated views that designers were always seeking something new. I understand that newness may attract more buyers than oldness, but I am concerned about how to sustain our environmentally unsustainable lifestyle when we should be trying to recycle or reuse, and make do with less."
Posted by: David S. on November 28, 2009 

"Great documentary. Makes me think of what I'm doing with all my stuff. Ha. I'm not a designer, but I love design. I love creativity. I love innovation. This film gives me hope that these things are going in the right direction."
Posted by: Vincent Esquivel on November 26, 2009 

"I used to tell my kids, 'It's not what you have; it's who you are.' This program shows that people believe that what they have IS who they are. Not just in a showy, conspicuous consumption sort of way, either. They are what they buy. Good symbolic interactionist approach to identity: seeing yourself through the eyes of others, reacting to what you believe they see, and then incorporating your response to their reaction into your self-concept."
Posted by: J me on November 25, 2009 

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