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  1. Deadline for ITVS International Call on Dec. 9, 2011

    October 17, 2011

    ITVS International Call promotes the exchange of compelling documentary films between the United States and other nations, going beyond stereotypes and headline news. ITVS International enables independent producers from outside the United States to create documentaries for U.S. television. Through International Call, global storytellers

  2. Newly Contracted: ITVS Announces Funding for The Truth Will Set You Free

    October 13, 2011

    The documentary, by filmmakers Macky Alston and Sandra Itkoff, explores issues of faith, love, marriage, homosexuality, and the Episcopal Church — focusing on the first openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire. "The agents of change in America are the folks who I know to watch PBS," said director Macky Alston when asked about why public media was

  3. Looking In: An Update from ITVS Production

    October 7, 2011

    Managing Director of Production Richard O’Connell, provides the first in a series of updates on some of the latest initiatives for independents at ITVS. Welcome to the first in a series of updates on the production side of the public media world at large — in particular at ITVS, where our production team is working with filmmakers on more than 150 programs

  4. Newly Contracted: ITVS Announces Funding for Filmmakers Tom Xia and Alicia Dwyer of Xmas Without China

    September 7, 2011

    The documentary Xmas Without China follows Tom Xia's journey as he challenges a California family to celebrate Christmas without any products from China. Filmmakers Tom Xia and Alicia Dwyer are among several new recipients of ITVS's Open Call Funding.The filmmaking pair discussed the project on a recent visit to the SF. Check out the video after the

  5. The Reconstruction of Asa Carter Screens in Birmingham

    August 25, 2011

    The documentary by filmmakers Marco Ricci and Douglas Newman will screen at the 13th annual Sidewalk Moving Pictures Festival in Birmingham, AL on Sunday, August 28 at 12:30pm at the Hill Event Center.The Reconstruction of Asa Carter explores the life and legacy of the best-selling author of The Outlaw Josey Wales and The Education of Little Tree —