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  1. Blog Story: United Nations Screens Lives Worth Living for International Day of People with Disability

    Eric Neudel's historical documentary on the disability rights movement, which premiered on Independent Lens in October, screened Thursday at the State Department and on Friday at the UN. In recognition of the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities and Human Rights Day, Special Advisor for International Disability Rights

  2. Blog Story: Open Call Recipient: Eric Neudel, Filmmaker of LIVES WORTH LIVING

    ITVS funds, distributes and promotes new programs produced by independent producers primarily for public television and beyond. Eric Neudel produced and directed LIVES WORTH LIVING, which looks at the life of Fred Fay, a quadriplegic, and the small group of activists who formed the Disability Rights Movement and Fay’s role. Neudel received ITVS’s

  3. Blog Story: Filmmaker Reflects on High Profile Screenings of Lives Worth Living

    Filmmaker Eric Neudel's documentary, Lives Worth Living, follows one man's struggle to survive after a spinal cord injury and his role in the earliest days of the Disability Rights Movement. Neudel followed up with BTB after his high profile screenings last week at the State Department and the UN. On November 17th we received a call from ITVS’ Dennis…

  4. Blog Story: Filmmaker Profile: David Herman, FAIR PLAY

    David Herman says that while the setting and tenor of his documentary FAIR PLAY are located in England, the story’s themes are universal. The film revolves around a troupe of actors with learning disabilities, filmed throughout the production of The Choice, an acclaimed play about abortion. Against the backdrop of rehearsals, the players confront the…

  5. Blog Story: Ask Programming: Recent Questions from Filmmakers

    ITVS programming staff answer questions from filmmakers about the funding process: Q. I understand that only people of color can apply to the Diversity Development Fund (DDF). As a disabled filmmaker, I wonder why aren't other minority status categories included in this initiative? A. DDF is specifically for producers of color, as defined by ethnic…

  6. Blog Story: For Once in My Life airs tonight on Independent Lens

    Winner of the Audience Award for Best Documentary at SXSW, For Once in My Life is the story of a unique band of singers and musicians, and their journey to show the world the greatness -- and killer soundtrack -- within each of them. The 28 band members have a wide range of mental and physical disabilities, as well as musical abilities that extend into ranges

  7. Blog Story: Newly Funded: ITVS is Pleased to Announce Funding for Deej

    ITVS recently approved funding for Deej, a documentary by Robert Rooy (Director/Producer) and David James Savarese (Producer).Deej is the story of DJ Savarese (“Deej”), a gifted, young writer and an advocate for nonspeaking autistics. Once a “profoundly disabled” foster kid seemingly on the fast track to nowhere, DJ is now a first year college

  8. Blog Story: Up Next on Independent Lens, Lives Worth Living

    The documentary, by filmmaker Eric Neudel, follows one man's struggle to survive after a spinal cord injury and his role in the earliest days of the Disability Rights Movement. Watch the video below as Independent Lens Series Producer Lois Vossen sets up the film. Remember to participate in our weekly Independent Lens film club. Tonight, join filmmaker…

  9. Blog Story: The Eyes of Me Premiering Tonight on Independent Lens on PBS

    "The Eyes of Me has the wisdom to illuminate a narrow, human scope on the issue of disability and blindness by focusing on intimate moments in the teens' lives." - Philadelphia City Paper How do you see yourself, when you can't see at all? At the Texas School for the Blind students juggle all the usual pressures of high school along with the added struggles of…

  10. Blog Story: BODY AND SOUL: Diana and Kathy, Airing This Month on Public Television

    "It's unlikely that any movie released this year will feature characters more remarkable than Kathy Conour and Diana Braun. The subjects of a moving new documentary from director Alice Elliott, the unlikely cinematic heroes are waging a war for their lives––and the lives of many others." - Journal News (Lower Hudson Valley, NY) When they met 37 years ago,…