• Still from Meet the Patels

    Still from Meet the Patels


The Film

Everyone in Ravi's family has the same last name: Patel. And Patels marry Patels... even in America. At almost 30 years old, Ravi breaks up with his girlfriend of two years who his parents never knew about and goes on a family trip to India. Amid festivities, visits, and constant bickering, Ravi realizes that his parents are his model of love and he wants what they have. He asks his matchmatcher mother and life-lesson-spouting father to enter him into the worldwide Indian Semi-Arranged Marriage system that has worked for his cousins.

Told through the lens of Ravi's older (and single) sister, this intimate, heartbreaking, and often hilarious story is a pulsing portrait of a loving family wrestling to save their relationship and their culture.

The Filmmakers

  1. Geeta V. PatelProducer/Director
  2. Ravi PatelDirector
  3. Janet EckhomProducer