ITVS Programs Nominated for Six Emmy Awards

Posted on July 14, 2009

The nominees for the 30th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards were announced today and ITVS programs received an impressive six nominations. Among the nominees are two Independent Lens programs––CHICAGO 10 and HARD ROAD HOME. CHICAGO 10, directed by Brett Morgen, received a nomination in the Outstanding Individual Achievement In A Craft: Graphic Design & Art Direction category. Mixing animation with archival footage, the film explores the buildup to and unraveling of the protest at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago and the ensuing 1969 Conspiracy Trial. CHICAGO 10 premiered on Independent Lens on PBS, October 22, 2008. HARD ROAD HOME, directed by Macky Alston, received a nomination in the Outstanding Informational Programming Long Form category. The film follows two former felons in different stages of life "on the outside." HARD ROAD HOME premiered on Independent Lens on PBS, February 26, 2008. 

Two Emmy nominations also went to DOPING FOR GOLD and BELARUSIAN WALTZ––both ITVS International productions. DOPING FOR GOLD, directed and produced by Alison Rooper, is nominated in the Outstanding Science, Technology and Nature Programming category. Set in Cold War-era East Germany, DOPING FOR GOLD reveals how young female athletes were injected with male hormones and anabolic steroids--all in the name of “international prestige through success in sports.” The film is a Firefly Production for Thirteen/WNET New York and ITVS International in association with Five, Channel Four International and History Channel (UK). DOPING FOR GOLD premiered on Secrets of the Dead series on PBS, May 7, 2008. BELARUSIAN WALTZ, directed by Andrzej Fidyk and produced by Torstein Grude, received a nomination in the Outstanding Historical Programming-Long Form category. BELARUSIAN WALTZ is the story of Alexander Pushkin, a performance artist who used his "patriotic" art to protest against his country's dictatorship. The film is a co-production of Piraya Film, ITVS International, MG Productions and Arte and premiered on P.O.V. on PBS, August 12, 2008. 

Additional nominations went to ITVS-funded programs IN THE FAMILY, produced by Joanna Rudnick and Gordon Quinn, and THE JUDGE AND THE GENERAL, produced by Elizabeth Farnsworth and Patricio Lanfranco. Both premiered on the P.O.V. series in 2008. The News and Documentary Emmy Awards will be presented on September 21 at the Frederick P. Rose Hall, Home of Jazz at the Lincoln Center in New York City. Interested in seeing the full list of nominees?

Independent Lens - CHICAGO 10 Head of Animation: Joao Amarin 

Independent Lens - HARD ROAD HOME Executive Producer: Sally Jo Fifer Producer: Selina Lewis Davidson Director: Macky Alston 

Secrets of the Dead - DOPING FOR GOLD Executive Producers: Phil Craig, Sally Jo Fifer, Jared Lipworth Producer/Director: Alison Rooper 

P.O.V. - BELARUSIAN WALTZ Executive Producers: Sally Jo Fifer, Miroslaw Grubek, Therese Jebsen, Simon Kilmurry, Jan Ramstad, Krzysztof Talczewski Producer: Torstein Grude Director: Andrezj Fidyk 

P.O.V. – IN THE FAMILY Director/Producer: Joanna Rudnick Executive Producers: Sally Jo Fifer, Simon Kilmurry, Gordon Quinn Co Producer: Beth Iams 

P.O.V. – THE JUDGE AND THE GENERAL Director/Producer: Patricio Lanfranco Executive Producers: Sally Jo Fifer, Simon Kilmurry, Richard Pearce Producer/Director: Elizabeth Farnsworth Executive Director: Patricia Boero 

See the full list of nominees >>


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