Animated Women

Four innovative animators — Faith Hubley, Joanna Priestley, Lynn Smith, and Ruth Peyser — are celebrated for their influential bodies of work.

Premiere Date
January 5, 1995
120 minutes
Funding Initiative
Series and Special Projects
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    1994 Carolina Film & Video Festival-Honorable Mention: Second Prize
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    1994 National Educational Film & Video Festival-Special Jury Prize
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    1994 Sinking Creek Film and Video Festival-Best of Category (Mixed Genre)
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    1994 Columbus International Film & Video Festival-Chris Award: Best of Category (Arts and Culture)
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    1995 Long Island Film Festival-First Prize, Arts and Entertainment,
  • Producer

    Sybil DelGaudio

    Sybil DelGaudio's interest in animation extends beyond her career as a filmmaker. An associate professor in the communication arts department at New York's Hofstra University, she teaches film studies and production. In addition, she has written many articles for film journals and anthologies, among them Jump Cut, Columbia Pictures: Portrait of a Studio, Show more and The American Animated Cartoon. Her recent book, Dressing the Part: Sternberg, Dietrich and Costume was published by Associated University Presses. Dr. DelGaudio is also a member of the Society for Animation Studies. She has presented a series on independent film and filmmakers at the 92nd Street Y in New York. Show less


    Patty Wineapple

    In addition to her work as an independent filmmaker, Patty Wineapple is a vice-president at Grey Advertising in New York. She has produced more than 400 television commercials, receiving numerous awards for her work on campaigns for such clients as the Borden Company, Parker Brothers, and Stride-Rite. In 1977 she produced the one-hour television Show more special Broadway, My Street!, co-starring Jerry Orbach and Florence Henderson. And in 1980 she co-produced SPFX-1140, a short film directed by Bob Balaban. Show less

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    The Film

    Four individualistic and innovative animators — Faith Hubley, Joanna Priestley, Lynn Smith, and Ruth Peyser — are celebrated for their creative and influential bodies of work. Each program emphasizes the personal style, thematic concerns, animation process, and method of each woman, attempting to communicate the wide-ranging artistic potential of her chosen art form. Hubley seeks her inspiration from myths, legends, and the natural mysteries of life (inspiration); Priestley looks at the changing relationship between the sexes (point of view); Peyser confronts the social contradictions of contemporary life (mood); and Smith seeks the subtle connections in the everyday (method). The series offers viewers an opportunity to see complete, complicated artworks in a lively, engaging, in-person format that redefines the world of "cartoons" beyond the Disney, Warner Bros., and Saturday morning cartoon context.