The Art of the Hunt

Nqate is a hunter. His home is the Kalahari. His family depends on him. This is his story.

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Premiere Date
November 11, 2007
60 minutes

Craig Foster

Brothers Craig and Damon Foster grew up in a wooden bungalow on the Atlantic Ocean, near the tip of Africa. They have traveled extensively, living and working in remote villages and wilderness areas in 10 African countries. Their primary intent lies in telling stories with the voice of Africa herself, and in creating film experiences that enable the viewer Show more to gain an intense and deep insight into the natural and cultural dynamics of this ancient continent. Together they have more than 30 international awards for filmmaking. Show less


Damon Foster


Ellen Windemuth

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The Film

In the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa, three Bushmen who are blessed with amazing animal tracking and endurance skills, hunt their prey and engage in a fight to death. The Art of the Hunt opens up a world that has rarely been filmed and offers a unique view and understanding of this ancient ritual.