Circus School

One of China's most treasured commodities is acrobats. Students must endure rigorous physical training as they prepare for a national competition.

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Global Voices
Premiere Date
March 18, 2008
60 minutes
Funding Initiative
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    2007 Cinéma du réel-SCAM Award
  • Producer/Director

    Jing Guo

    Jing Guo was born in 1976 in Shanghai, China. She graduated from the journalism department of Fudan University and has worked as a director and editor ever since.


    Dingding Ke

    Dingding Ke was born in 1965 in Shanghai, China. He graduated from the Institute of Chengdu Radio Engineering and has been working as a photographer and director since 1995.

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    The Film

    Take a rare look into one of China's most treasured commodities — acrobats. Following students as they prepare for a national competition, Circus School reveals the rigorous physical training they must endure. Through exhaustion, injury, and broken bones, the students will let nothing stop their seamless and precise performances in order to be the best.