Driver Radio: Jamaica

Jamaican-American twins explore what it means to live between two cultures — with help from the island nation’s local taxi drivers.

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The Film

Ron and Don Brodie, twin brothers and first-generation Americans raised in Washington, D.C., grew up making family visits to Jamaica. Inspired by the road trips they used to take there as children, the Brodies return to the island as adults, only to discover a development of new highways and a rapidly changing way of life. The friends and family members who once dreamed of fast, flashy cars have begun driving taxis for profit instead, transporting millions of locals and the tourists who arrive each year. In this four-episode series, Ron and Don join these drivers as they retrace the same routes the brothers traveled as children, sharing off-the-beaten-path stories through the lens of the country’s vibrant taxi culture. Along the way, the brothers reconnect with their roots and explore what it means to straddle two identities.