Good Blood

Bringing to the forefront a diverse group of grassroots activists and community organizers, Good Blood shines a light on the issue of period poverty in the United States.

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Jennell Lewis

Jennell Lewis is an empathetic producer, director, and camera operator specializing in branded content and commercials. Jennell has produced and directed short branded documentaries for Quicken Loans, ASICS, and more. Jennell is the producer and camera operator on the Independent Lens/ ITVS short, Constance

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The Film

"Period poverty” is defined as inadequate access to menstrual education and hygiene tools, including sanitary products and washing facilities. This inequity has taken shape under a long shadow of patriarchy and stigma around reproductive health, profoundly affecting BIPOC and non-binary menstruators. While 1 in 5 menstruators in the U.S. regularly miss school or work due to lack of access to appropriate products, there are healthcare and community advocates working for change. Good Blood explores a diverse group of activists and educators dedicated to a transformation in the field of period poverty in the United States. Their fight focuses on four core tenants: awareness, destigmatization, legislative action, and distribution of products. Throughout the country, allies work from every conceivable angle in order to render period poverty an obsolete challenge.