Land (and how it gets that way)

A look at how land-use issues are affecting one community in Kentucky, and how the ramifications translate to other communities across the nation.

PBS Plus Presentation
Premiere Date
April 1, 2005
60 minutes
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Walter Brock

Walter Brock is a critically acclaimed documentary producer/director whose work has been screened and broadcast all over the world. His film LAND(And How It Gets That Way), about preservation, property rights, people, and the land, was broadcast on PBS in the spring of 2005. An earlier film, A Season In Hell, about a young Kentucky woman’s struggle with Show more eating disorders, was featured in P.O.V.’s 1992 season, won Best Documentary at the USA and Atlanta film festivals, and was screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. If I Can’t Do It premiered on P.O.V.’s True Lives series in 1998. His other films include Other Prisoners (1986), and Writing In Water (1984), both directed by Stephen Roszell. Brock also currently teaches art at St. Francis High School in Louisville, Kentucky. Show less

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The Film

Are the suburbs evil? A boon? Both? Decades before sprawl made front-page news across America, the farmers, developers and other citizens of Woodford County, Kentucky had already hit the courtrooms to match clashing ideas on growth and development. Through their intimate and impassioned voices, LAND (and how it gets that way) shows how human character, ambition, and class have shaped the American landscape.