Los Hermanos/The Brothers

Separated by geopolitics, united by music, two Cuban Brothers navigate a changing time.

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Marcia Jarmel

In addition to her PatchWorks' work, Marcia was consulting producer on HBO’s Emmy-nominated 50 Children," consultant to Academy Award nominee Last Day of Freedom," and IFP Mentor to The Last Season. Other credits include co-editing the Academy-award nominee,For Better or For Worse, and assistant producing the Academy Award nominees, Berkeley in the Sixties Show more and Freedom on My Mind. She also field produces and consults on impact for documentary films. Show less

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Ken Schneider

Ken Schneider is a Peabody award winner who believes in the power of film to affect hearts and minds. For 25 years, Ken has produced, directed and edited documentaries, focusing on war and peace, human rights, artists’ lives, unearthing buried American history, and contemporary social issues. Ken co-edited the Oscar-nominated Regret To Inform, a film Show more the New York Times described as “unforgettable … exquisitely filmed, edited and scored.” His films have appeared on PBS’ American Masters, POV, Independent Lens, Frontline, Voices, on HBO, Showtime, Al-Jazeera, and in television and film festivals worldwide. He edits in English and Spanish. Show less

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The Film

President Obama's 2015 speech..."The U.S. and Cuba are like two brothers who've been estranged for many years," echoes the story of . Ilmar and Aldo Lopez-Gavilíçn are virtuoso musician brothers, born in Havana, long separated by geopolitics. Ilmar was sent at fourteen to study violin with a Soviet master. He never lived in Cuba again, ultimately landing in the U.S. Younger brother Aldo grew up mentored by Cuba's impressive jazz and classical pianists, his extraordinary talent achieving renown on the island but stymied abroad by the U.S. embargo. He too left Cuba, for the London Conservatory, but returned to his home country and family. A thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations offers the first opportunity for the brothers to tour the U.S. together. But at tours' end, politics shift again, threatening the brothers' dreams.