The Mosquito Problem & Other Stories

In a world transformed by ideologies and dreams of economic prosperity, characters’ lives intersect in a sinister past and nuclear future.

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Global Voices
Premiere Date
April 28, 2008
60 minutes
Funding Initiative
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    2006 MIPTV and MIPDOC-International Trailblazers Tribute Award, for producer, Martichka Bazhilova
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    2007 London Film Festival-The Times BFI London Film Festival Grierson Award, Best Documentary
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    2007 Sarajevo Film Festival-Human Rights Award
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    2007 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival-Special Mention for a full-length documentary
  • Director

    Andrey Paounov


    Martichka Bozhilova

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    The Film

    A small town and its hopeful citizens are about to embark on a bright new journey. Massive rusty cranes, foreign investors, and the joyful chants of cheerleaders bring the dream of a great nuclear future. Disturbed only by gigantic stinging mosquitoes, the townsfolk celebrate the atomic hurray by engraving the nuclear power plant logo on buildings and soup bowls.

    Amidst the apparent atomic prosperity, lies a past that no one wants to remember. An island holding terrifying secrets. Stories of shocking and horrible crimes loom on the city just like the dark clouds of mosquitoes descending on its citizens. A world instantly transformed by ideologies, regimes, and dreams of economic prosperity. These are the tales of characters whose lives intersect in a sinister past, nuclear future and the stinging mosquitoes flying through time, sealing their fate together.