Outta The Muck

One town, one family, one football team, and the struggle to survive amidst seemingly insurmountable odds. 

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The Film

The name "Pahokee" means 'grassy waters' in the native Creek language. The local people refer to Pahokee as "The Muck", which owes its namesake to the mineral-rich dark soil in which sugarcane, citrus fruits, and corn are grown by agribusinesses. It was once known as the "Winter Vegetable Capital of the World" in its heyday. Hurricanes, AIDS, crack addiction, and crime ravaged the town from the mid-eighties into the late-nineties. Even though hope somehow managed to endure, economically, Pahokee never recovered. Outta The Muck takes viewers on a journey into this historic town through the eyes of the Dean family, with their deep roots in the community and in the Pahokee High School football program. We follow Alvin Dean, and his sister Bridgette Dean, along with her sons, who are involved in the high school football program. The 2016 football season is the stage for the story of a struggling town seeking redemption on and off the football field.