Run Like a Girl

Teenage athletes try to find balance between strength and femininity within a society that expects girls to be docile, delicate, and compliant.

PBS Plus Presentation
Premiere Date
November 1, 1999
60 minutes
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    1999 Philadelphia Film Festival-Silver Medal for Best Documentary
  • Producer

    Carol Cassidy

    A graduate of the American Film Institute's Directing Workshop for Women, Carol produced and directed the ITVS program, Baby Love, which won a Golden Apple from the National Educational Media Association. She also produced and directed the PBS series Girls in America, and co-produced and co-directed Wildwood, New Jersey, a documentary about Show more working-class women and girls. Carol has worked in news and documentary for Cable News Network and Turner Broadcasting System, producing award-winning work on the war in Bosnia, the Somalia famine, the end of the Cold War, and the Gulf War. Show less

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    The Film

    At nine and ten, they are skipping, grinning little girls — rough and ready. By 15, they are sullen, submissive, quiet; convinced they're awkward, ugly, and fat. What happens to our girls? Run Like a Girl explores how teenage athletes try to find a balance between strength and femininity within a society where girls are expected to be docile, delicate, and compliant.