This is My Picture When I Was Dead

An imaginative look at what happens after four-year-old Bashir comes back to life after the assassination of him and his father, a top PLO lieutenant.

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Premiere Date
April 29, 2012
60 minutes
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Mahmoud Al Massad

Mahmoud al Massad was born in 1969 in Zarqa, Jordan. When he was 18 years old, he moved to Europe where he worked in the film industry in Romania, Italy, and Germany, making 12 short films. Al Massad divides his time between Jordan and the Netherlands. Since 2002, al Massad has returned to Jordan to work on his film projects, including Shatter Hassan, Jackie & the 40 Yellow Cabs, Certificate, Ritual, Human Landscape, White Wall, Show more and Sufi, among others. Al Massad’s latest project, This is My Picture When I was Dead, was supported by the Sundance Documentary Institute. Show less

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The Film

Athens, Greece 1983 — media outlets around the world reported on the assassination of a top PLO lieutenant and his four-year-old son Bashir. But what would happen if the boy came back to life today? This is My Picture When I Was Dead looks at this crucial moment in history and how death isn’t the end of one’s journey.